Wine Me, Dine Me, Stephan Pyles Me

Shakespeare may look like a dour dude in a ruffled collar, but he knew how to party. "Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used," he wrote in Othello (a performance of which would drive anyone to drink). A personal favorite, "Good wine needs no bush," found its way into As You Like It. However, wine was expensive then, and Shakespeare probably didn't bang around town with his buddies downing a bottle of Boone's Farm. But times have changed; wine flows frequently for the common man. Rejoice in its abundance at Savor Dallas, a whirlwind weekend of wine tastings and gastronomic delights. Start off Friday night strolling around the Arts District and the AT&T Performing Arts Center with wineglass in hand. Then head to Gables Park 17 in Uptown for shoulder-rubbing, jazz and yes, more wine. Lest you feel the wrath of grapes, guzzle some water and pop a few Advil Saturday morning before an intimate lunch with Stephan Pyles. For dinner, sample food from more than 60 area chefs and choose from 400 wines at the International Grand Tasting at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Call 888-728-6747 or visit for event times and prices.
Fri., March 18; Sat., March 19, 2011
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Jayme Rutledge
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