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You Too Can Be a Coinbox Hero

Welcome to another edition of Geek-Offs, where you'll find the perfect distractions to help you muddle your way through hump day each week.

We've been playing video games as far back as we can remember. Once upon a time we had to save up quarters and go to the arcade for our beeping flashing fix, but once our beloved consoles were readily available (and affordable), we eschewed baseball bats and the great outdoors for a joystick and an old tube TV.

For this week's offering, to take you back to the mindset of the arcade without ever leaving the desk, we bring you Coinbox Hero.

You start the game out as a solo artist, jumping into an oh-so-familiar coinbox and then running around collecting coins.

Easy enough, so what's the big deal?

These magical coins won't be wasted on trivialities like extra lives or magic potions. No, these coins buy something much better.

Extra workers (surely they don't expect you to spend all your time smashing into a coinbox) and sweet weapons, like crossbows, swords and machine guns, do more damage (i.e. release more coins) can all be used in your quest to collect even more coins. Spend some coinage along the way, like you would naturally, as your build up your skill and power. Then, once you've collected a cool million, you'll be about to afford a tactical nuke, cause that's what it's all about.

Did we mention there's polka? Polka and a coinbox. Really, what more could you ask for?

Here's a walkthrough (turning the sound off is recommended due to irritating commentary):

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Jennifer Medina