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Bull's Eye World Record To Be Broken in DFW? Someone's Gonna Take One In The Neck.

Mixmaster was just tipped off about the latest attempt at world-wide title recognition: The 2012 Charity Bull-A-Thon. In this celebration of bar sports, DFW's eight strongest fingered and hardest squinting athletes will attempt the ultimate feat of endurance imaginable: nailing down the record for most bulls' eyes thrown in a ten-hour window.

Mass dart domination? That would be a stellar achievement considering the current record is 1, 505 for the same time duration. That breaks down to 150.5 perfect hits per hour or 2.5 exact shots every single minute. And while breaks are allowed, the clock does not take a holiday.

The team's going to have to go into some serious training for this affair which benefits the Tarrant Area Food Bank, so for you eight honorable titans of pub sports we post this celebratory video of an amazing darts shot.

(Admit it: You thought those guys were going to make out after that shot, too. Also, it's such a nice touch when that Snap! song comes on.)

Learn more about the team that's gunning for the world record here. The First Annual Bull-A-Thon happens on May 5th at Rob's Billiards and Sports Bar in Fort Worth Texas.

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