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The Green Elephant

If you’ve had a few, just tell your ride-share driver to take you to "the glowing green one,” and they’ll likely know to drop you off at The Green Elephant on Dyer Street. When you walk in, underground bass will get under your skin, forcing your best dance moves right out of you. You’ll likely end up in a sea of college students from Southern Methodist University. It’s their hang out spot after all. If you need a few more, you can swing by the bar and wash down some booze with some above-average bar fare. If you dig the vibe, go back Tuesday night and rest your chops on stage during The Green Elephant’s open mic. Live music, slam poetry and stand up comedy are all welcome. If you chicken out, throw back a few more until you have the courage to prove to the world that you’re the next Jack Kerouac, Richard Pryor or Mariah Carey.