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Wow! Donuts and Drips

Neighborhood: Park Cities
Wow Donuts and Drips is now open on Lovers Lanes, across from the new Odelay Mexican food restaurant and Eatzi's. This is Wow's second location — the flagship in Frisco opened in 2017.

They make from-scratch doughnuts in small batches every few hours and rotate in dozens of new flavors throughout the year. It's more like an event than a doughnut. Wow also has mochi doughnuts, which look like those freezable teething ring for babies. Mochi doughnuts, which are having a moment, give a bit more of a bounce-back with each bite. 

Wow offers a simple single glazed doughnut for $1.35, or a vanilla sprinkle for $2.65 all the way up to $4.44 for specialty selections, like a chocolate Bavarian cream. Other high-end concoctions include Fruity Pebbles, Mango Tango and Maple Bacon.

Drips here include a bevy of coffee, lattes, teas; doppios, a Dirty Chai, horchata and hot chocolate. You can attain many levels of sugar and coffee highs.
Courtesy of Studio Love List