10 Ways to Convince People You Went to Lower Greenville Before Trader Joe's

Lower Greenville is changing faster than perhaps any other single stretch of road in the city. New bars, restaurants and, yes, exceptionally well-branded grocery stores are popping up at a seemingly constant rate.

By many measures, it's a good thing. There are clearly many more people walking on the sidewalks and making infuriating left-hand turns, which means more possible money for everyone. And many of our favorite older haunts are thriving: Crown & Harp, with shows on two floors, has probably hosted more good DFW bands than any other venue in the area this year, and Good Records always seems to have a few people browsing through LPs, even when they don't have one of their many special events.

But as with any urban evolution that involves trading rowdy club nights for seasonal granola bar options, some of the fun has gone somewhere wilder. So here's a toast to Dallas' second best street for music in the form of 10 signs you're dealing with a true fan of Lower Greenville. May its character endure.

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