Billy Joe Shaver Show Cancelled And I Can't Tell You Why. (Oh, Wait--We Can?)

Just spoke with Lisa Endicott, who runs press for The Granada Theater, and she verified that the Billy Joe Shaver/Jesse Dayton concert that was to take place this Friday is canceled.

Endicott told me the reason for the cancellation off the record, which means that I am bound by the press version of the Hippocratic Oath not to divulge what Endicott told me. All I can tell you is that Shaver is not dead or dying and that the show should be rescheduled very soon.

[Editor's Note: I just spoke with Shaver's booking agent at Austin Universal Entertainment to find out--on the record--why the show's been canceled. Samantha Garrett of AUE says that Shaver's recovering from minor surgery--although she's not sure exactly what the surgery was for--and that Shaver's "still recovering, so he won't be able to make it." It's called "reporting", Darryl. --Pete Freedman]

Either way, the Shaver/Dayton pairing was a very interesting alt-country bill, which makes this postponement even more of a bummer.

Last week, it was Ice Cube. Now it's Shaver. What? Will Christmas be canceled next? --Darryl Smyers

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