Breaking Brake! Vegas?

So, right after we do a fun Q&A with rockers Brake! Vegas, we find out the band is making some big changes. B!V's drummer and frontman have left the group. Though, the three remaining members are continuing on writing and tracking for a new album while testing out new members.

In a MySpace post the remaining B!V members give a little “stay strong” message for fans:

Currently we are writing and tracking new stuff and trying out frontmen and drummers. So if any of you out there know anyone who has the rock n roll in their heart and tour in their blood let us know ASAP. From the outside looking in it may look like a step backwards, from our eyes we've never been more focused and pleased with the new stuff we've been writing. DON'T EXPECT US TO BE GONE LONG. We'll be blowing your clothes off again in no time. To everyone who has came to our shows, bought merch or shot the shit with us, endless thank yous.

If you want to join the band, just hit the B!V boys up at or on MySpace. -- Chelsea Ide


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