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Jack White and Co. Will Host a Grand Opening for Sports Shop and Speakeasy Warstic

From left: Jack White, Ben Jenkins and Ian Kinsler in front of Warstic's new U.S. headquarters.
From left: Jack White, Ben Jenkins and Ian Kinsler in front of Warstic's new U.S. headquarters. courtesy Warstic
Baseball bat and clothing apparel company Warstic announced it will host a grand opening of its flagship store and headquarters in Deep Ellum on Nov. 6. It will be a day full of events, bookended by sandlot games hosted by social media personality James Lowe, better known as Coach Ballgame, that will include  rock stars and former big leaguers. The space has also recently been converted to include a coffee shop and speakeasy.

Warstic was founded in 2011 by former minor league baseball player Ben Jenkins and Grammy Award-winning artist Jack White, who became involved with the project through his love of design and baseball. In 2016, four-time MLB All-Star Ian Kinsler also invested in the company, creating a three-man ownership group. According to the Warstic website, Kinsler stated that, “Ben and the team truly believe that a bat should be more than just a bat — it can be a tool, an attitude and at the same time a personalized representation of who you are as an athlete.” Jenkins also praised White and Kinsler for the values they bring to the company.

The flagship store, located at 2900 Main St., will be stocked with Warstic products, including exclusive items. The headquarters will feature a custom baseball and softball bat-making studio for players of all levels, as well as the Warstic Lathe and Stain room, a fully functional wood bat factory and stain development lab, and Battle Hall, which will be a complete batting cage and training facility that can be converted into a center for “educational content creation.”
click to enlarge Rock star Jack White playing babseball in Dallas. - MIKE BROOKS
Rock star Jack White playing babseball in Dallas.
Mike Brooks

The grand opening, which is free to attend and open to the public, has a full schedule of baseball training and fun.  At noon, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by live clinics hosted by Kinsler, Coach Ballgame and other coaches at Battle Hall.

The celebrity sandlot game between White’s White Bison team and Kinsler’s Gold Hawks will be held at the Texas Rangers Youth Academy at 2303 Bicker St. in Dallas. Batting practice begins at 3:30 and fans (but sorry, children only) will get a chance to get autographs at Warstic.

Before and after the celebrity showdown, Coach Ballgame will host sandlot games for local kids.

“I mean, when you think of the word sandlot, you think of blue jeans and hot dogs and dogs stealing baseballs and kids being kids,” he tells the Observer. “That’s really it.

“This will be a day to celebrate the game of baseball, to celebrate this company Warstic and their message, which aligns with mine of meshing art and baseball," he adds.

The grand opening will also mark the debut of DBLHAWK Coffee, a coffee and tea bar inside Warstic that will have a dugout-style back porch. In addition, there will be a speakeasy located in the basement of the Warstic headquarters. The Woodmen’s Lounge is a private live music venue and lounge featuring an antique 1940s bar, memorabilia collection, full music stage and vintage game room. Here's to hoping White finally makes the move from Tennessee to Dallas. They already have Dolly Parton.
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