Not-So-Quiet Riots: The Ten Worst Riots In Music Event History

Dallas Mavericks fans were notably well-behaved during yeterday's NBA Championship victory parade through downtown. Despite the fact that 200,000 or so people packed themselves in like sardines along the sidewalks of the route -- and in the sweltering heat, no less -- there were only five arrests.

By contrast, Vancouver Canucks fans set downtown afire after their team lost the Stanley Cup. Good sportsmanship upon a beloved team's loss is something Vancouver fans could learn from Mavs fans -- until this year, we'd lost NBA title after NBA title for 30-plus years, and no one's gotten hurt because of it.

But what, in general, causes an otherwise well-behaved crowd to suddenly turn violent? Well, music, for one. Some of the most famous and destructive riots in history have been the result of concerts gone wrong.

Along those lines, we've rounded up some of the most infamous concert riots in history after the jump. Turns out that Vancouver hockey fans aren't the only ones who could take a page from Dallas' stellar sportsmanship book. Take note, Limp Bizkit fans (all three of you).

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Laura Mann