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Post Malone Hotboxed a Couple's Ride on Last Week's Impractical Jokers

Post Malone, left, helps prepare a prank with Sal Vulcano, middle, and James "Murr" Murray on Tru-TV's Impractical Jokers.
Post Malone, left, helps prepare a prank with Sal Vulcano, middle, and James "Murr" Murray on Tru-TV's Impractical Jokers. Screenshot from YouTube
TV's Impractical Jokers have been down one joker this season, and last week, they filled the vacancy with our very own Post Malone.

The long-running prank series on Tru-TV features lifelong Long Island-native friends Sal Vulcano, Brian "Q" Quinn and James "Murr" Murray doing their level best to put each other in awkward situations and challenges. The loser of each episode has to do a "punishment," forcing them to embarrass themselves in front of total strangers for the amusement of their gawking friends and the audience.

The show originally had four jokers with founding member Joe Gatto — known for being the most brazen and steel-nerved member of the group. Gatto announced his departure from the show before the start of the group's 12th season so he could focus on taking care of his kids following a divorce, according to a post on his Instagram page.

All this season, the show has offered a series of rotating celebrity guests competing with the three remaining members, including Kesha, John Mayer, Paul Rudd and Posty. 
So what did they make Post Malone do? That's the easy part. They made him do what Post Malone would do.

Q was given the already punishing task of running a parking garage in lower Manhattan. Sal and Murr set up situations with people's cars that Q would have to explain away. The one that made it to the air involved Malone posing as one of Q's employees who "hot boxes," aka stinks up with weed, a customer's car as he's driving it up to the owners.

Most of the show's pranks involve one person posing as an employee or an innocent civilian while wearing a hidden earpiece that's connected to microphones held by the other stars of the show. The rest of the crew watch these interactions on a monitor and give the "joker" prompts he has to carry out in front of an unsuspecting public. At the end of the episode, the joker who failed to successfully carry out these embarrassing missions by earning the least points is punished by his fellow jokers in truly elaborate pranks — Sal still has a tattoo of Jaden Smith's face from an episode punishment.

In this latest episode, Q was the one being punished, but Q and Posty are wired up with headsets so they can set Q up to feel the pain of awkwardness.

Malone pulls up to Q and the couple who own the car and it's filled with smoke to the point where you can't even really see who or what else is inside of it.

"Post, just come out of the car, cough a little bit and be like, 'You might wanna give it 5 to 10, if you don't want the contact high,'" Sal instructs the rapper.

Posty steps out of the passenger side and says to Q, "Boss, thanks for letting me smoke that up in there" before walking away in a puff of stage smoke.

The car's owners just stand there with their jaws on the floor as Q tries to explain why he let an employee rip one in the car. Frankly, we're more shocked they didn't recognize Post Malone. How pissed off do you have to be to not notice the celebrity with the world's most famous collection of face tattoos?
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