The 12 Best Music Photographers in North Texas: Here are the Finalists

Here they are: The best music photographers in town. 252 people responded to our open call for nominations a couple weeks ago. There were some 80+ photographers named. Our panel of experts went through the images captured by every one of them and voted for what they thought was the best work, and the field is now narrowed to 12. Each name you see below is linked to that person's web site -- it is a distinct pleasure to peruse the photography you'll find there. You can also order prints from these folks; details and/or contact information is available on most of their sites as well.

The Best Music Photographer in North Texas: Finalists

Mike Brooks

Kevin Buchanan

Darkhouse Image

Bill Ellison

Andi Harman

Allan Hayslip

Mike Mezeul

Danny Raybon

Karlo X Ramos

Sound Check Dallas

Ed Steele

Kathy Tran

In the coming weeks, we'll introduce you to each of these people and their work, and then we'll hold a public vote to determine the winner. We're excited about the process -- while we certainly stand by the quality of the photography you see here, these are by no means the only talented people documenting live music around here. We encourage you to go through the nominations at your leisure and find your own favorites.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.