The Daily Fail: "King" Hammer

So, let me get this straight, "King" Hammer." Because Jay-Z mentions the fact that you went broke while he was spitting a verse, you take it as an insult and feel the need to release a diss track?

We all know you went broke, good sir.

The sad part about this whole thing is that mentioning you isn't even pop-culturally relevant -- you haven't been since "Addams Groove." And that's being lenient.  

Lookie, all Jay was saying was that even though you led the way with rappers turning their fame into business ventures, he has better business acumen than you and he doesn't plan to lose it, that's all. OK, OK, so he said he can lose 30 million -- because, unlike you, 30 mil doesn't hurt him.

I know, it stings. But he does have a point when he's supposedly worth $450 million dollars.

You had your time in the spotlight. You had even more time in a dimmer spotlight with your Hammertime reality show.

You seem to be a good guy and a good dad, so, stick to that.

Or, better yet, maybe you could flip back to your "gangsta" rap days and see if it will work out better for you this time. Funky Headhunter 2, y'all!

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