Teach your kids about vinyl on Nov. 10.
Teach your kids about vinyl on Nov. 10.
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Kids Dig Teaches Kids About Vinyl

For the last two years, Too Fresh Productions has organized Kids Dig, an event that educates kids in how to properly use a record player, how to dig for records and more.

The free music education event will return for its third year on Saturday, Nov. 10, at Josey Records. The first 100 kids will receive record goodies bags.

“The purpose of Kids Dig is to educate kids of all ages on all things vinyl,” Joel Salazar of Too Fresh Productions and event coordinator of Kids Dig, says via email. “From record digging, how to handle a record, how to put a needle on the record and learning the different functions of a turntable. We want to keep the art of listening and digging for vinyl records alive.”

Salazar says most of the interactive stations will be the same as previous years but there's more accessible equipment for each station, so kids won’t feel rushed. He also says that they have added a kid dance battle that will feature DJ Volt. Instructors will also be on-site from the Keep Spinning DJ Academy.

“I made this event so kids and really anyone can feel comfortable handling a record and putting it on a turntable,” Salazar says. “It can be an intimidating process if you've never had anyone show you how. I think kids get the bad rap of not being able to complete this gentle task, but with a little bit of guidance, it's very easy to learn. Combine that with seeing other kids DJ or perform the tasks at hand, it can give anyone a boost of confidence to give it a try.”

Because Josey Records is well known in DFW, Salazar knew that it would be the best choice to host the event.

“When we first approached them about the idea, they were all about it,” Salazar says. “They've given us resources and their space to help us execute our goals on vinyl education. The staff is very knowledgeable, intuitive and approachable — three important qualities that you can't ask for more than at a record store.”

Comments have been good from parents who have attended the first two Kids Dig events. Salazar has learned how much of a bonding experience a trip to the record store can be for a family, and that has inspired him to continue to host the event.

“The feedback has been amazing," Salazar says. "Parents have sent us numerous messages through social media on our next event. Josey [Records] has informed us that they get requests about the event as well.”

Instead of hosting the event once a year, Salazar plans to have fall and spring events next year. He may even take the event elsewhere.

“Who knows, maybe more,” he says. “We may even take this thing on the road.”

The Kids Dig event is free and will run from noon to 4 p.m. Nov. 10 at Josey Records in Farmers Branch.

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