Watch Dezi 5 Crucify Himself on the Dance Floor at The Public Trust

Dezi 5 is a unique animal in the Dallas music scene. As far as performers go, few pack the charisma and energy that this pop singer delivers at almost every one of his shows. Singing and dancing and dressing up in the most provocative (and outlandish) outfits he can come up with, Dezi is never too shy to shock and awe. So when he decided to crucify himself last month, it kind of made sense.

The idea was a symbolic one, of course; Dezi did in fact hang from a cross during his show at The Public Trust art gallery, but the crucifixion was a figurative gesture. Point the idea behind was sincere: Dezi, who happened to turn 33 recently (the same age as Jesus when he was crucified), wanted to inspire his fans to let go of their inhibitions and dance on into the night. As a gay African American growing up in Texas, Dezi says that learning to dance and let go was just what allowed him to himself.

As the video shows, it was a hell of a party — one made all the more entertaining by the fact that it was a part of Vice Palace's new grant-funded cassette tape label. "I know all eyes are on me," Dezi jokes in the video about the City of Dallas' funding, "so I got my eyes on you too!"

Back from the metaphorical dead, Dezi is getting ready to release a new single, "Dallas, Bitch," from his upcoming Crucifixion on the Dance Floor EP, tonight at at the Red Blood Club. He'll be joined by DJ Shooknite and B3. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. and costs $10.

Dezi 5 Crucifies Himself on a Dallas Dance Floor from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

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