Watch: Nick Jonas and Fucked Up's Ben Cook Have A Drum-Off in Camp Rock 2, Even Though Neither Is Really A Drummer. Oh Well.

Westlake's Own Jonas Brothers just wrapped a big weekend, as their Disney Channel original movie,

Camp Rock 2

, which also features Colleyville's Own Demi Lovato, made its television debut.

But, go figure, the DFW Diz Kids weren't the only musicians in the cast: Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook is in the movie, too, playing a camper just like Lovato and the Jonases. And, in the above scene, Cook and Nick Jonas, neither of whom is necessarily known for their drum chops, square off in a drum battle.

Ah, summer camp--where anything is possible, including Disney executives signing off on hiring a guy in a band called Fucked Up to play a musician in a made-for-TV movie.

In related news: The Jonases and Lovato play Center on Sunday night.

(Hat tip.)


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