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Whiskey Myers Leads an Unlikely Texas Country Revolution in Tyler

It's less than an hour's drive from Palestine, Texas to the World's Rose Capital, Tyler, Texas. Both are considered to be the "Big City," for the folks living outside of their borders. Though that Dogwood-scented pocket of East Texas isn't a Metropolis by most standards, there's a great deal of musical talent that's found its way onto the Texas Radio charts in recent years. Thanks to such artists such as JB and the Moonshine Band, William Clark Green and perhaps most significantly, Whiskey Myers, more and more industry-types could soon likely make the almost four hour trip from Austin to Tyler pretty regularly.

While it's an interesting nugget that a nice little bit of artistic flora has sprung from that area, it's not as if there's a burgeoning scene producing artists on an assembly line. But inspiration has to come from somewhere.

"I think its all coincidence, man," says Whiskey Myers front-man Cody Canon with a sleepy southern tone that could easily pass for Matthew McConaughey's iconic stoner David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. "Tyler and Palestine aren't big areas, so when we were younger, we pretty much sat in the woods and thought about the music we wanted to make [laughing]."

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Kelly Dearmore