A Dallas Lawmaker Wants to Turn Central into George W. Bush Expressway

It took nearly six years after leaving office for George H.W. Bush to have a functioning North Texas highway named for him. His son could do it in less than five.

State Representative Dan Branch has taken it upon himself to see that that happens. On Friday, just before the filing deadline for the legislature's 2013 session, the Dallas Republican filed a bill that would rename a seven-mile stretch of U.S. 75 as President George W. Bush Expressway.

The appellation would be fitting in that the stretch of Central in question passes mere feet from the soon-to-be-inaugurated Bush Presidential Center and maybe three miles from the former president's Daria Drive abode.

But the potential for confusion shouldn't be ignored, though. Bush Expressway would run parallel to the new Bush Avenue, and travelers directed to take the George Bush would have to puzzle over where to go. The simplest workaround would be to refer to the road much as people came to refer to president himself: as The W.

Or lawmakers could ignore Branch's proposal, which would make the name change official on September 1, and we can all keep calling it Central.

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