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A Good Saturday: Hittin' the Sci-Fi Expo and Record Store Day. Is This Heaven?

Big day tomorrow -- takin' the kid (cough, cough) to the Sci-Fi Expo in Richardson, then heading down to Good Records for the shoppe's ninth birthday bash, which so happens to coincide with the 2nd Annual Record Store Day, which DC9'ers already know plenty about. 'Cause, if nothing else, I want one of Will Bryant's specially made tees, which he'll be selling at the Good Records shindig -- from the looks of it, Mr. Fancy Pants made four all told, which will only be available at the Lower Greenville Ave. joint till he throws them on the online store, er, whenever. Oh. And I like music. Do you like music? I like music.

But back to that Sci-Fi Expo for a moment. Because, yes, I really do have to be there -- moderating a Q&A at 1 p.m. with one of The Very Special Guests on the guest list, Joanna Cassidy. And, sure, she's there for the Blade Runner connection (she was poor, poor Zhora), but hers is a varied and impressive body of work -- everything from Robert Benton's The Late Show to The Package with Gene Hackman to Under Fire with Nick Nolte to her 26-episode run on the cult-classic Buffalo Bill, for which she won a Golden Globe in 1984. (She was also Emmy-nominated for both that series and her guest stint on Six Feet Under three years ago.) Cassidy's also in the new Polish Brothers movie that stars Hilary Duff, Winona Ryder ... and Chevy Chase. But, seriously, I think it was the Smokey the Bear PSA that did it for me. I was, like, four.

For those who prefer more sci with their fi, well, Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan will also sign your pics for a price; so too Bill Mumy, who's no longer Lost in Space. And from 24, The West Wing and about 100 other TV shows since the 1970s, Glenn Morshower's a late addition to the roster -- the ultimate oh-that-guy. The kid'll just want a Clone Trooper action figure.

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