From Nazi Comparisons to Name-Calling: Six of the Oddest Moments from Alex Jones' Trial

Alex Jones has had an eventful time in court.
Alex Jones has had an eventful time in court. Sean P. Anderson from Dallas, TX, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The trial to determine how much Texas-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones owes the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting for defaming them with false claims the shooting was staged wrapped up this week, with jurors awarding the family $4.1 million in compensatory damages. The court will next take up the question of how much Jones owes in punitive damages.

Jones, founder of the far-right conspiracy site Infowars, has long spread lies that the 2012 shooting at a Connecticut elementary school was a “false flag” operation aimed at kneecapping the Second Amendment. In reality, a gunman fatally shot 20 children and six adults at an elementary school.

The Infowars host had also claimed that the parents of Sandy Hook victims were actually so-called “crisis actors.” So, after enduring years of hostility from Jones and his fans, the parents of one of the slain students sought $150 million in damages.

Throughout his time in court, Dallas-born Jones has butted heads with his trial's judge. Here are some of the most bizarre moments from the Austin courtroom.

Jury Sales Pitch

If he wanted, Jones could try his best to convince the jury that he’s sorry for spreading lies about Sandy Hook. But rather than aiming to earn jurors’ sympathies, he instead tried to hawk his company’s supplements.

“It’s triple-tested, the highest quality, and that’s why people love it, because it is the best out there,” he said of one such offering.

Jones also claimed he’d “give it to Whole Foods,” arguing that his wares were top-tier and not just “crap you can buy at a gas station.” ‘This Is Not Your Show’
Lies are what landed Jones in hot water, yet he just can’t seem to give them up.

Earlier this week, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble scolded Jones for having twice violated his oath to refrain from lying.

“It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify,” she said. “Yet here I am: You must tell the truth while you testify. This is not your show.”
Massaging His Mouth-Hole

Gamble again issued Jones a stern warning this week, asking him to spit out his gum.

“It’s not gum,” he snapped back.

The judge patiently reminded Jones that he’s not allowed to chew food or gum in the courtroom. He then claimed that he had gauze in his mouth because he’d recently had a tooth pulled.

“So, you’re chewing on gauze?” Gamble asked.

“Would you like me to show you?” Jones replied, adding, “I was massaging the hole in my mouth with my tongue.”

Despite Gamble’s protests, he then showed her his mouth-hole.

Worse Than ‘Nazi Germany’
In a video posted to Twitter, an agitated Jones claims that this has all been a “witch hunt” and a “show trial.” He then compared his plight to “Nazi Germany,” adding that at least in Nazi Germany, people were “guilty until proven innocent.”

“Here, she says I’m guilty until proven guilty,” he said. “Guilty until proven guiltier.”
Calling the Judge a ‘Liar’
Speaking with reporters outside, Jones slammed Austin for its track record of “judicial fraud.” Also, he said, the Democratic Party is persecuting foes by “weaponizing the judiciary.”

But perhaps most unwisely, Jones claimed that Gamble herself hadn’t been telling the truth.

“She found me guilty,” he said. “She lied and said we didn’t give them the discovery so she could have a show trial and tell the jurors, eight times I’ve seen her, ‘This man’s guilty.’”
Calling a Journalist a ‘Pirate’
Jones really isn’t shy when it comes to labeling critics.

He also engaged in a verbal scuffle with HuffPost’s Sebastian Murdock, who Jones said “pretend[s]” to be a reporter.

Murdock then reminded Jones that he’s on trial. Jones disagreed, replying that the “corporate media” is actually on trial, as is “the rigged judiciary.”

“You’re on trial — failed, Soros-propped up corporate media,” Jones said, smoking a cigarette. “You’re nothing but a pirate.”
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