And Another Band Gets Its Van Stolen...

Frankie Campagna, son of good Friend of Unfair Park Frank Campagna and front man for self-proclaimed greaser punks Spector 45, needs your help. This morning, his van was stolen -- and inside was all his gear, which he'd packed for a show tonight down in Deep Ellum. After the jump, Frankie details what happened and provides a description of his van and its haul, should anyone spot the stolen ride or the gear. So help a brother out if you see anything, because it couldn't have happened at a worse time for Spector 45: The band is just days away from starting a tour. --Robert Wilonsky

This morning at 7 a.m., my van was parked on Prairie Street near Ross and Fitzhugh. I'm playing a solo show at AllGood Cafe tonight with Laura Harrell and Jim Suhler for a songwriters swap, so my equipment was inside and ready to go after work.

I awoke to a woman banging on the door saying that she saw three Hispanic guys around the age of 20 stealing my van. I called the Dallas Police less than two minutes after they left, but it took the DPD an hour to show up. When the officers arrived they mentioned it was a shame that they had not shown up earlier because they probably could have caught them.

My van is a 1999 turquoise blue Dodge Grande Caravan with Texas license plate No. FO3-MCV. There are also stickers on the back for Lone Star Beer, Elm Street Bar and Keep Dallas Safe. There are also a couple of real bullet holes in the back and on the driver's side.

Inside were my Feder Hotrod Delux tube amp and my orange Gretch Electromatic hollow body guitar. To make matter even worse, my band Spector 45 and I are leaving for St. Louis Monday to begin a tour of the Southern US. Anything anyone can do would be helpful at this time.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.