Angela Hunt to Laura Miller and Her Thugs: Back That Shit Up, Pronto.

Angela Hunt just sent to Mayor Laura Miller, Harlan Crow, Ron Kirk and other "blocker"-backers a missive in which she demands they get their mercenaries to back the eff up come Saturday, when Hunt's Trinity Vote volunteers will be out gathering signatures for her anti-Trinity toll road petitions that call for a November referendum. The entirety of the missive can be read here, but this is just one highlight:

You may not be aware of the tactics being used by some of your blockers. Rather than presenting an alternative viewpoint, many of your blockers are actively intimidating voters by shouting and interrupting signature gatherers in an effort to create a hostile environment and frighten potential signatories. We also have reports of as many as five blockers “ganging up” and shouting down a single petition gather.

That's so very...democratic. --Robert Wilonsky

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