Angela Hunt Wonders Who Loves Dallas More: Those For or Against the Hotel?

Well. See. Hunh. When I started writing this, I was just going to point out that in the comments of this morning's lead-off item, Angela Hunt got a little off-topic and started talking about streetcars -- specifically, a trip Hunt, Linda Koop, Assistant City Manager A.C. Gonzalez and Dallas Area Rapid Transit's Jay Kline took to Seattle and Portland a few days back to check out their streetcar infrastructure. I went back to Hunt's site to see if she'd yet posted pics from her trip, only to discover that instead, she posted this morning an item about the trip itself, with the promise of photos to come later today.

Which wasn't all she'd posted.

Hunt's been busy this morning, as you'll see at the top of her Web page a short item titled "Let's Play 'Who Loves Dallas More,'" which reminds me of the "Weekend Update" Really?! with Seth and Amy bit. This should be interesting:

If we're going to play "who loves Dallas more," then a fair argument can be made that hotel proponents who claim the sky will fall without a city-owned hotel are actually anti-Dallas. They see nothing beneficial or desirable about our city except huge, expensive projects (Calatrava bridges, Trinity toll roads, convention center hotels). They think so little of Dallas and what we have to offer that they desperately throw money at any unnecessary (but flashy) project just to convince people we're a decent city. Whatever your position on the hotel, our city has much more to offer than the Mayor and others give it credit for, and we don't need a hotel or any other massive, taxpayer-funded monument to excess to prove it.

Sure wish I'd gotten me one of them "Juicy Loves Dallas" shirts way back when.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.