Baboon's Still Kickin' it on Walker, Texas Ranger

Eleven years ago -- Christ, how time so does not fly -- I got up early on a frigid February morning to watch Chuck Norris chase a bad guy around Trees, while a bunch of faux clubgoers moshed silently to the tunes of Baboon. Here's the original story about the filming of that particularly brilliant episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. Thing I remember most about it: talking outside the now-defunct club to Mineola-born Nobel "C.D" Willingham. He said he considered Baboon's music "terrible."

Anyway, I bring this up because Baboon's frontman, Andrew Huffstetler, sends word this afternoon that the Hallmark Channel will, on this very night, rerun "Hall of Fame," the Walker episode featuring Baboon. I do love that Andrew's letting folks know it's on; at the time he was shooting the danged thing, all he could say was, "This is just so...ridiculous." Oh, it was, and turns out, it still is. --Robert Wilonsky


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