Best Sneak a Peek at Bush's House Now ...

... like these folks. Because, at last, something interesting on the Dallas City Council's Wednesday agenda: Bushgate. No doubt the council will approve President Bush's request for a security gate on Daria Drive and Meaders Lane, site of George and Laura's new home near Preston Hollow. (That's where Dubya expects to cut "footloose" upon moving in.) Of course, the city isn't paying for the gate:

The design, operation, construction, repair and full maintenance of the gate, related fence and structures shall be at no cost to the City of Dallas. Sole responsibility and cost shall be borne by Robert A. McCleskey, Trustee for the The Lone Star Trust. The access gate and related fence and structures shall allow reasonable access for City services and safety and public utility vehicles.
Should pass no problem; still, expect some lively discussion 'round the horseshoe on Wednesday when the "resolution authorizing the regulation and restriction of access" comes up. The full resolution follows after the jump, for those who don't feel like sorting through the entire addendum.

WHEREAS, Texas Transportation Code Section 311.904, being a codification of Vernon's Annotated Civil Statutes, article 1175, subdivision 7, provides that a home-rule municipality, alone or in conjunction with another person, may regulate or restrict access to a street or alley in the municipality on which the dwelling of a former president of the United States is located and that said authority includes the authority to install and maintain a fence, gate, or other structure; and

WHEREAS, President of the United States, George Walker Bush, has acquired a dwelling located on Daria Place in Dallas, Texas, for use upon completion of his current term of office; and

WHEREAS, Daria Place can only be accessed from Daria Drive which is a residential dead-end street with limited turn-around capacity and a single outlet located at its intersection with Meaders Lane, all as depicted in the plat recorded at Volume 31, Page 103, Plat Records of Dallas County, Texas; and

WHEREAS, due to the configuration of Daria Place and Daria Drive and the anticipated levels of traffic and congestion on same, the City Council finds that pedestrian and vehicular access to Daria Place and Daria Drive should be restricted and regulated, including, but not  necessarily limited to, the use of gates, fencing and other structures at the intersection of Daria Drive and Meaders Lane, in order to facilitate security for the former president and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the neighboring residents and the general public; Now, Therefore,


SECTION 1. That the City Manager is hereby authorized to regulate and restrict access to Daria Place and Daria Drive in City Block No. A/5514, as deemed advisable, including but not limited to, by allowing the placement and operation of access gates and related fencing and structures at the intersection of Daria Drive and Meaders Lane, pursuant to state law.

SECTION 2. That the design, construction and plan of operation of any gates, fencing, or structures intended to regulate and restrict access to Daria Place and Daria Drive shall be submitted to the Director of Public Works and Transportation for prior review and approval, and the Director may at any time require any modifications, additions, removals and changes as the Director deems necessary, appropriate, or convenient, from time to time.

SECTION 3. That the design and operation of the access gates and any fencing and other structures shall allow reasonable access for the neighboring residents on Daria Place and Daria Drive and adequate means of access for city service and safety vehicles and public utility vehicles.

SECTION 4. That the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the access gates and any fencing and other structure shall be the sole responsibility and cost of Robert A. McCleskey, Trustee for The Lone Star Trust, and no City funds are expended for this purpose.

SECTION 5. That this resolution shall not require the City of Dallas to regulate and restrict access to Daria Place and Daria Drive in the future, and the City of Dallas, by action of its City Council, may discontinue said regulation and restriction of access and require removal of any gates, fencing or other structures impacting its public rights-of-way.

SECTION 6. That this resolution shall take effect immediately from and after its passage in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the City of Dallas and it is accordingly so resolved.

THOMAS P. PERKINS, Jr., City Attorney

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