Cowboys Receiver Cole Beasley Is Putting on a Social Media Clinic This Week

Sometimes, things are delightful for their simplicity. Cowboys' receiver Cole Beasley's response to a Twitter heckler Sunday was definitely one of those times. Beasley made his first fumble of the year Sunday afternoon against the Jaguars. Twitter user @massot15 thought Beasley needed to know he should hold onto the ball better. Beasley disagreed.

We all know what happens most of the time, when a -- somewhat in Beasley's case -- famous person says something profane, no matter how deserved, on social media. The tweet or post gets taken down, then the inevitable hacking claims surface. None of that's happened with Beasley. Three days later, the tweet is still there, in all its glory. Still there for all coming to see his equally great photo bomb of Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell.

Mr. Beasley, Unfair Park salutes you.

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