Cuban's "Moron" Surfaces...

On September 28, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said "anyone who buys [YouTube] is a moron." Yo, Google and your $1.6 billion, looks like he was talking about you? Speaking of Cuban, he has some thoughts about The Dallas Morning News' recent buyouts and the state of local sports media. Hint: "This year, for the first time, Im going to have to make adjustments in how i deal with local (emphasis on local) media members. Particularly from the local newspapers." --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: And I use the word "bonus" very loosely. It ain't easy to listen to, since the person who made this felt it necessary to speed up and slow down Cuban's voice, but here are some, uh, animated clips in which Cuban discusses YouTube during his September 28 talk in New York City. Enjoy. Rather, enjoyish. Of course, it's from YouTube.


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