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DA Craig Watkins Weighs In On Yesterday's Push-N-Shove Between Brett Shipp, JWP

The video below, in which Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price explains the hard way to WFAA's Brett Shipp that his office isn't public property, has been updated; it's the piece that ran on Channel 8 last night at 10, in which you do hear Price tell Shipp, in a bizarrely calm voice, that he'll "split your neck" if he doesn't back the eff up. In case you were wondering.

Now then, back to that incident. Moments ago, an email arrived from Jamille Bradfield, spokesperson for Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, concerning the scuffle. She writes, "Attached for immediate release is a statement from the Dallas County District Attorney's Office re: the incident on 08-10-2011 between Commissioner John Wiley Price and WFAA reporter Brett Shipp," which says, in full:

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office has been in contact with both Brett Shipp of WFAA and Commissioner John Wiley Price regarding the incident that occurred on August 10, 2011, and was informed by both parties that neither wishes to pursue charges. During their communication with the District Attorney's Office, Mr. Shipp and Commissioner Price were professional and acknowledged that they both recognize the stress and pressures involved in their respective positions.
Who was it yesterday who referenced this in the comment? Spot on, apparently.

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