Dallas Doc's Fight Over Sci-Fi Writer's Estate a Real, Um, Thriller

All the best book titles are taken.

Victor Horadam's an oncologist who offices out of Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas on Walnut Hill Lane. He's also the subject of an Associated Press story that's been circulating since July 4, concerning a battle over the rights to and royalties from the novels of prolific sci-fi writer Alice Mary Norton -- better known as Andre Norton -- who died in March 2005 and left some pretty big questions over who was supposed to control her works once she passed. It comes down to either Horadam, a fan, or Sue Stewart, Norton's caretaker late in life. The confusion stems over the wording of the will:

Stewart was named as the beneficiary of the "residuary clause" -- all other property or money not explicitly assigned in the will. But the will also said that Norton's longtime fan, Horadam, was to get "the royalties from all posthumous publication of any of my works."

Needless to say, fans are worried. And, to make things worse, Norton's cat just died. --Robert Wilonsky

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