Dallas Has a New Mayor: Mike Rawlings

Mike Rawlings is the new mayor of the city of Dallas, besting David Kunkle by some 7,000 votes: 30,487 to 23,853 with all but a few precincts having reported in. Anna Merlan, one of crack newcomers, is at the Meddlesome Moth. She files this:

Rawlings said he just got off the phone with David Kunkle, who, as noted below, called to concede when it became clear he'd come in second in the two-man race. Said Rawlings: "[Kunkle] reached out to me with the hand of partnership, and I reached back and said, 'Thank you.'"

The former Pizza Hut exec thanked his family -- and his fundraisers. "I had zero name awareness" when he entered the race, Rawlings said. "We needed a lot of resources to make this a reality."

He then thanked Ron Natinsky, to much cheering. Said the new mayor: "We had the right message, but we also had the right team. There were some people who said this campaign was boring, but the truth is it was civil." Again, big cheers. "Through thoughtful discussion and debate, we all learned -- I know I did. Thank you to Chief Kunkle for his decades of service to the city. ...

"With community feeling, we can improve quality of life and make tomorrow better than today." He then returned to a constant in his campaign: "We cannot be a great city without great public schools," he said, insisting yet again that public education will be a "top priority."

In closing: "To do all of this, we're gonna need God's help." And with that, Pastor Stephen Nash of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church was called to give the closing prayer.

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