Desire Tops Temptation: They Actually Keep Score in the Lingerie Football League

Hundreds (no, really) cheered as tan, sleek women in bras and panties (no, really) sprang onto the moist 50-yard-long field. Fireworks lit up the field. The local media was out in full force; one man screamed from the stands, "Stop taking pictures of my sister!"

What a brutal game -- aerial tackes, Hail Mary passes and touchdown dances, split into two 17-minute halves. In the end, the Dallas Desire bested the Los Angeles Temptation by a score of 24-12 at QuikTrip Park at Grand Prairie last night. Which puts the Desire, with a mighty record of 3-0, on a path to Miami for the Lingerie Football League's ultimate destination -- the Lingerie Bowl. At last, a Dallas football club with its league's top prize in sight.

It's branded as "true fantasy football," and at first glance it's absurd -- somewhere on the pendulum between Futuresport, jump ball, Rollerball ... and Hooters. Maybe Drew Barrymore will make a movie about it. So, then, which is it: bubblegum girl power or radical feminism? Yes. Yes, it is.

But the underpants novelty does nothing to diminish the sincerity with which the women play their game; sure, their plays were sometimes clumsy, but at times there were genuine feats of athleticism and determination, everything expected from, you know, real sports.

We've got more shots from the game here in our slide show.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.