Even if George Gimarc Has to Do It Alone, He Won't Let The Edge's 20th Go Unnoticed

George Gimarc called yesterday -- and, look, if you would have told me when I was 13 that one day I'd grow up and be friends with the voice behind The Rock and Roll Alternative ... well, anyway. He told me about something he's been planning for months now: a 20th birthday party for KDGE-FM -- or, at the very least, The Edge he co-founded back on June 30, 1989. George then directed my attention to the Web site he had set up especially for the occasion -- where, you will notice, tickets are currently available (at the low, low early price of $9.45) for a concert-shindig-something-or-other scheduled for July 3 at the Lakewood Theater.

Now, don't ask too many questions at this point about who's playing; George isn't working with a lot of money (so far, this is being done without Clear Channel's okee-doke), and he's calling around to cash in as many favors as possible before setting in stone the guest list. (Though, if you're a member of an early '90s Dallas band who, say, once appeared on a Tales From the Edge compilation and are free July 3, do let George hear from ya.) Mr. Gimarc also expects to make all manner of goodies available to those of us nostalgists who'd like to own "old 94.5 bumper stickers, shirts and other stuff" dating back nearly 20 years that George says "was recently found in storage." (Mmmmm, musty.)

Early ticket-buyers may also receive a special treat -- a CD of George's making featuring sounds from The Edge's first hours on the air, depending on how all this shakes out. Till then, he has posted to the party page lengthy audio of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook performing at J. Pepe's waaaay back when -- a delightful flashback at the end of a Friday. Also, dig the pics. He's adding to the photo album every day. Oh, look -- Josh Venable with The Edge. Cute.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.