First, She Wanted Dildos Out of Burleson. Now, She's Appointed to the State Parole Board!

The great Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast sends word today that our "Sex Toy Story" from April 2004 now has a "bizarre coda." Long story short: Few years back, Shanda Perkins led the charge against Joanne Webb's "passion parties" in Burleson, where Webb would sell vibrators and other sexual accoutrements to folks in the privacy of their own homes. Perkins, daughter of a prominent Pentecostal preacher and sister of then-Burleson city council member Stuart Gillaspie, started tossing around small-town gossip (claiming Webb and her husband were swingers), till eventually the Harper Valley hubbub turned into a full-fledged legal brouhaha that culminated with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision last year that it's perfectly legal to sell sex toys in the state of Texas.

Anyway. Scott notices today that Perkins is back in business -- as one of Governor Rick Perry's three new appointees to the state Board of Pardons and Paroles, pending Senate confirmation. And Mr. Henson is not amused.

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