For Your Mid-Week Listening Pleasure: Texas International Pop Fest Goes "The" Led Zeppelin

But five long days ago I directed your attention to Led Zeppelin's May 18, 1973, stopover at Memorial Auditorium -- one, apparently, in a series of Zep-Does-Dallas posts. And while we've time-traveled to The Summer of '69 once or twice before to revisit the band's appearance at the Texas International Pop Festival, The Big O just reposted the entirety of the band's direct-to-soundboard set -- which, as promoter and pal Angus Wynne once reminded us, was a last-minute booking that took even the band by unpleasant surprise (as in, "They thought they were on vacation"). Now if only I could find my very unofficial Texas International Pop Fest boxed set -- I didn't loan it to you, did I?

Incidentally, whilst at The Big O may I recommend as well a handful of unreleased tracks from a bona fide Texas treasure: Fort Worth-born Dewey Redman's '69 Blue Note sessions, which are part free-jazz freakout and entirely swing-swing-swingin'. Me, I've spent the better part of the last half hour sifting through the just-posted three-disc Pet Sounds alternates-and-outtakes collection. Holy ...

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