Atmos Energy Cuts Service to 2,800 Homes in DallasEXPAND

Atmos Energy Cuts Service to 2,800 Homes in Dallas

On Thursday, as one Dallas family set out to bury their 12-year-old daughter who was killed in a gas explosion, Atmos Energy announced it was stopping gas service to another 2,800 homes at noon.

In what it called a “truly extraordinary event,” Atmos claimed that the homes will be without gas for three to four weeks. The gas company blames weather conditions over the past several weeks for causing leaks in several gas lines.

Homes affected fall in the area bordered by Walnut Hill to north, Webb Chapel to west, Lakemont Drive to the east and Northwest Highway to the south.

Atmos has been working on gas lines since Friday morning, when a home off Marsh Lane exploded in northwest Dallas, killing 12-year-old Linda Rogers. Four others were injured.

Crews were dispatched and began replacing more than 2 miles of gas lines in the neighborhood. By Tuesday, more than 300 people had been evacuated.

Atmos plans to dispatch 120 crews to repair the lines.

For more details about the outage, call 972-964-4191, visit atmosenergy.com/alerts or check with information centers that will open at 4 p.m. at the Bachman and Walnut Hill recreation centers.

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