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Help the Needy. Wait. The Lazy. No. The "Laid Back."

The beloved Denton DIY hang Secret Headquarters is in trouble, if there's anything to glean from a MySpace bulletin I -- and many others -- received yesterday. Yup, the venue is asking for donations via the Paypal button on its Web site; as SHQ's Scott Porter says, "[W]ell, it turns out the electric company doesn't take 'being laid back' as payment." Ouch. When you're in your formative years, the electric company's nothing more than a fine educational television show starring Morgan Freeman. During your (fine, our) drinking years, it's nothing but the enemy.

So, needless to say, we understand this urgent, albeit humorously written, cry for help. We also dig on a venue that books Stumptone, The Great Tyrant and Shiny Around the Edges, not to mention Secret Screening film nights and Songwriter Thunderdome. Porter stresses, "I'm actually sort of begging here, because they's gonna turn our shit OFF!!!!!!!!!" but if you'd like a better reason to donate, a partial schedule of bands booked for the next three months is after the jump. --Merritt Martin

"Seriously... Go look at our calender... Behold what we have coming up... It's worth only $5 today for the next 3 months that we have booked.

The Golden Boys Bob White and the F-Electrics The Marked Men Josh Prisk's Surf Night Shoeless Agadore Vandeventer Grant (Bosque Brown) Handbrake (ex tank tank/failure +) Tre Orsi (barnhart, vandiveer, draper) The Vietniks Eat Avery's Bones Nouns Group (ex- early lines) The Grass Fight Stumptone The Great Tyrant Zanzibar Snails"

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