Dallas Cowboys

Jesse Holley Makes a Fine Catch

As promised, I ventured to Grand Prairie's Quick Trip Park Friday night for some Dallas Desire Lingerie Football.

In a word: Loved it.

And not just the toned female physiques running around in their bras and panties. (Though, if you haven't seen Erin Marie Garrett in and/or out of "uniform", I'd consider you edit your bucket list right friggin' pronto.) It was closer to football - not to mention much more violent - than I ever imagined.

I'll have a full column in this week's Dallas Observer.

But guess who I bumped into at the Desire game? That's right, your favorite reality-show winner, Cowboys' practice squad receiver Jesse Holley.

Why the hell was he there? A tryout? Nope, a temptress ...

Turns out he's got a girlfriend. And turns out that on this night - a 24-12 Desire victory over the Los Angeles Temptation that clinched the girls a trip to Miami in February - receiver Candis Mosley and her two touchdown catches was the game's MVP.

Get me VH1, I smell a reality-show spinoff: Receivers' Romance.

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