Kip's Big Boy Is Back on Abrams Road

Earlier this year, Kip's Big Boy statue made his Abrams Road debut, replacing the extraordinarily creepy baby Buddha statue at the center of White Rock Landscaping owner Gary Isett's Cowboy star-shaped flower bed.

The iconic hamburger slinger's cameo proved to be brief. Within days, city of Dallas code inspectors issued a decree that the 7-foot statue was in violation of city ordinance.

"Basically, the violation was [the statue] was not within the setback rules," code compliance director Jimmy Martin said at the time, adding that it also violated visibility rules that govern what can be placed on corner lots.

So, Isett dusted off the creepy Buddha and moved Big Boy into his backyard.

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The retirement was short-lived. On Tuesday, or possibly over the weekend, Isett returned the statue to his front yard, this time adorning him with a Santa hat, wooly beard and a Christmas gift where his hamburger used to be. Next to him stands the abominable snowman. Here's a better view of the setup:

Both statues are positioned well back from the corner, presumably outside the "visibility triangle" required to be kept clear.

We've left a message with Isett, but judging by his response last time, he won't be eager to talk.

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