LEGO My Dallas Cityscape

I did indeed let the boy loose with our in-need-of-replacing Canon PowerShot in the Dallas Cityscapes exhibit at NorthPark Center Saturday. We walked right past it at first -- it's tucked away inside the old Robb & Stucky next to Barneys on the second floor. But once in, well, sure, it was worth the eight bucks in admission -- the American Airlines Center-Victory Park reproduction in the front window, though, is by far the most impressive creation, and you can peek it without paying. (The boy enjoyed, most of all, the trough of LEGOs available for building in the "construction area.")

The whole exhibit, a fund-raiser for the East Dallas Community School, is not entirely brand-new: Sean Kenney's Thanks-Giving Square has been making the rounds for years following its completion in September 2007. And while he dug the DART train circling 'round Union Station, the 6-year-old who lives in my house said upon exiting, "It's not nearly as good as the trains." There are a few more photos on the other side, though not enough to give away the entirety of what's what -- it's worth a look-see. Flickr user Chris Jagers was there on Saturday as well and took some pretty nice pics too, especially of Old Red.

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