Boxing, While It's Still Around

Luis Yanez Pisses Off Some More Folks

Last time we saw Duncanville Olympic boxer Luis Yanez he was mending fences, winning fights and building a professional career while re-building his reputation.


Turns out the snotty-nose brat who got crossways with U.S. Olympic Boxing is at it again, this time acting the fool enough to get dumped by his management team, Dallas-based Brown Boy Media.

"He's a good kid, but there's a pattern of behavior there," said Brown Boy's Anthony Montoya. "When we took him on a lot of folks tried to warn us about him, and unfortunately they were right."

Yanez, who made his pro debut at American Airlines Center last February and is 3-0 so far, was dropped in November after what Brown Boy says were multiple missed appearances and a generally unprofessional attitude toward his team and business partners.

Montoya said Yanez missed one autograph event in Arlington that included Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones and former Cowboy Everson Walls. Yanez also, according to Montoya, consistently showed up to Venom (Dr Pepper's version of Red Bull) appearances without the endorser's clothing and/or products.

Venom signed Yanez for $25,000 after inking Terrell Owens for $35,000.

"He just thought he was too cool to wear the stuff," Montoya says.

Brown Boy also built Yanez a customized training camp on land owned by Montoya in Garland.

Yanez's limping career continues February 9 when he boxes at Fight Night at Fair Park.

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