Seems like a reasonable reaction.
Seems like a reasonable reaction.
Brandon Brooks via Youtube

McKinney Cop On Leave After Pulling Gun On and Tackling Unarmed Teenagers

Friday night, a pool party in McKinney went bad. Then it went worse after 12 McKinney cops showed up.

Residents of the Craig Ranch subdivision called McKinney police after teenagers at a party at the subdivision's pool began fighting and then refused to leave when asked, according to Chief Greg Conley. When cops arrived, the teenagers scattered. This apparently angered Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt.

"Y'all make me fucking run around here in 30 pounds of goddamn gear in the sun because you want to screw around out here," he said at the scene.

Casebolt then tossed a teenage girl to the ground before pulling a gun on two kids who were apparently trying to defend her. He's seen in the video kneeling into her back to keep her face down as she squirms and screams.

“Any time you confront a large group of people, it’s a very dynamic situation and tensions can rise very quickly,” Conley said later at a press conference announcing Casebolt had been put on administrative leave.

Conley would not say which part of the video led him to put Casebolt on leave.

McKinney's mayor, Brian Loughmiller, said he was "disturbed and concerned by the incident."

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