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Midlothian Police File Search Warrant for Bloody Shirt In Church Murder Case

Friday morning, just days after Missy Bevers' murder, her father-in-law brought a bloody shirt into Midlothian's Dry Clean Super Center. Randy Bevers told the clerk taking his clothes that blood on the white shirt was from an animal. Later that afternoon, according to a search warrant, the clerk called Midlothian police, telling them about the shirt, which he believed Bevers had tried to clean.

Midlothian Police have not said anything about the shirt publicly, and did not return the Observer's message asking for an interview, but WFAA reporter Tanya Eiserer reports that an anonymous source says that Randy Bevers told police the shirt was bloodied as he broke up a dog fight. According to Eiserer's source, the vet who treated Bevers' dogs confirmed his story about the fight.

Missy Bevers was killed inside Midlothian's Creekside Church of Christ early on the morning of April 18. The person police believe to be her killer can be seen on surveillance video marauding around the church in tactical gear, vandalizing the building before Bevers showed up to teach her Camp Gladiator fitness class just after 4 a.m.. Police say they have no suspects and don't even know whether the killer is a man or a woman.

In a press release put out Wednesday afternoon, Midlothian police dispelled a rumor flying around social media that they'd made an arrest in the case. The investigation is still ongoing, the department said, and Midlothian police will not release any details that have not already been made public.

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