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The Dallas QAnon Convention is Turning Down Media Requests Left and Right

The people behind the controversial event are the Q Power Couple John Sabal, also known as QAnon John, and his partner Amy. When it comes to the press, they’re not letting just anyone in.
The people behind the controversial event are the Q Power Couple John Sabal, also known as QAnon John, and his partner Amy. When it comes to the press, they’re not letting just anyone in. Jacob Vaughn
QAnon convention organizers are turning away critics ahead of their Memorial Day weekend event in Dallas.

Logan Strain, one of the hosts of the widely popular QAnon Anonymous Podcast, planned to attend, but the organizers told him this week he was not welcome. For the last few years, Strain has criticized the conspiracy theory under the pseudonym Travis View.

This year, however, he decided to dox himself and release his real name. The hosts of the podcast have infiltrated and covered several events like the one taking place in Dallas this weekend.

“The organizers informed me today via email that they believe my presence would be disruptive given, in their words, the ‘biased nature of your coverage of the Q movement,’” Strain wrote in a Twitter post.

“Given the biased nature of your coverage of the Q movement and the spreading of blatantly false information, we deem that your presence at the event would be potentially disruptive and could potentially result in a disturbance to the event,” the organizers told Strain.

“Additionally, we feel that your coverage of the event resulting from your attendance would serve no value to our event and therefore would rather allow a truly interested person to have the chance to see the event live, as it will sell out," the note added.

Strain said he bought tickets last month and was immediately recognized by organizers, but his tickets weren't canceled until this week.

"I'm disappointed that I won't be able to attend the event, but there are no hard feelings toward the organizers," he said.

Dubbed the For God & Country Patriot Roundup, the event has scheduled such speakers as retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, ex-national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, and Sidney Powell, formerly a lawyer for both Flynn and Trump. A group called Patriot Voice has said it's behind the Memorial Day weekend event on its website.

“They all trust me. This is my demo.” – Kathy Griffin, comedian

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The FBI has called QAnon a domestic terrorist threat. The conspiracy theory revolves around the far-fetched idea that the so-called “deep state” is controlled by pedophile Hollywood elites and powerful Democratic politicians, all of whom are supposedly acting against the former president, Donald Trump.

Promotional material for the event often includes an acronym that stands for “where we go one, we go all,” a popular QAnon slogan.

The people behind the controversial event are the Q power couple John Sabal, also known as "QAnon John," and his partner Amy. When it comes to the press, they’re not letting just anyone in.

“We’re going to have very selective media, and it’s going to be conservative media,” Sabal said on the Patriot Transition Voice web show. “There’s going to be pretty much next to no mainstream media. We’re looking at a couple possible international media sources.”

The far-right Epoch Times and Gateway Pundit are some of the publications that have been invited.

“We’ve been getting media requests left and right and oh, you name it, they’ve asked us,” Amy said on the show.

They got a call from a VICE reporter about covering the event. “Absolutely not,” they said they told the reporter. But Sabal said he thinks they were able to red pill the reporter. The term “red-pilling” comes from the scene in The Matrix when the protagonist, Neo, is asked to choose between a red pill and a blue pill. If he takes the red pill, he’ll be awakened to the truth. If he takes the blue pill, he’ll continue his life in the Matrix.

Sabal said the mainstream media “has done nothing but show us they can’t be trusted.” He said BuzzFeed also tried to reach out about the event. “If you work for BuzzFeed, just write yourself off as a journalist. You’re not a journalist. You’re a clown,” Sabal said.

“We’d love to let these people in and see what all of us are all about, but you know the hit pieces that will be crafted from [that],” Amy said.

Maybe comedian Kathy Griffin can help out the press. In response to Strain’s Twitter post about not being able to cover the event, Griffin joked, “I can do it. I’d totally be under the radar.”

Strain responded, “I hope you’re comfortable with wearing a wire.”

“No problem,” Griffin said. “They all trust me. This is my demo.”

Considering she posed for a picture depicting a decapitated Trump, we're not so sure about that. But if you're going forward with that plan, Kathy, we expect you to file your story by Monday.

Besides a meet and greet at the Omni, most of the convention was supposed to be held at Gilley's in Dallas, but there has since been a change of venue. The new venue still has not been announced.

Texas GOP chairman Allen West and U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican from East Texas, are both scheduled to appear at the convention. 
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