Richie Whitt and Greggo Were Fired by 105.3 The Fan Today [Updated]

Update at 3:41 p.m.: CBS killed the entire show. Whitt's tweet: Yep @1053RAGE = Dead 'n Gone. Fired as a show by CBS today. Maddening. For now I'll just say thanks to all FanFans for their loyal support.

Original post: This isn't the first time Greg Williams has abruptly disappeared from the DFW airwaves. There was the drug-fueled exit from The Ticket we explored in our 2008 cover story, the episode of incoherent rambling that prompted his exit from ESPN, and his quick exit from a Wichita Falls-based radio show.

Not the first, but this time may be the last. Williams announced on Twitter today that he's been fired from 105.3 The Fan, where he's shared the 2-7 p.m. slot with former Observerer Richie Whitt since 2010. As he hinted, there are only so many bridges in local sports radio that can be burned.

In other words, it's hard to imagine him finding another spot on the dial. It's a long fall from his days co-hosting The Hardline. He tweeted a pic of his letter of separation too, in case you were curious what it's like to be fired by CBS.

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