Texas Democratic Party Platform Virtually Exact Opposite of State GOP's

Texas Democrats are getting their priorities straight.
Texas Democrats are getting their priorities straight. Photo by TS Sergey on Unsplash
The Texas Republican Party made headlines earlier this summer after it unveiled an ultra-conservative platform at the state GOP convention. In addition to weighing the supposed merits of secession, the proposed platform dubbed homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and called for a repeal of all hate crimes laws.

Now, Texas Democrats are airing their own party's liberal wish list. And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, their platform is pretty much the polar opposite of the GOP’s.

Over the weekend, the Texas Democratic Party announced that it had officially adopted its 2022 platform. Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement that the new document outlined the ways that his party would “fight for everyday working Texan families when [they] win in November.”

Hinojosa argued that as the state’s GOP continues to “regress further down their dark rabbit hole of divisive culture wars,” Texas Democrats will continue to push for practical policies.

“When Texans compare the Texas Democrats’ platform to the jaw-dropping secessionist trash the Texas Republicans adopted earlier this summer, the differences between the two parties truly speak for themselves,” he added.

The state’s Democratic Party is vowing to defeat conservatives in the November elections, and they’ve fully embraced Beto O’Rourke, who’s running for governor. Some political observers say that O’Rourke has a shot at beating incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott, with recent polls suggesting that the race has continued to narrow.

Even still, cynics think that Texas' liberals have a long and treacherous uphill climb to make gains in the upcoming elections.

Somehow, a small percentage of you still haven’t made up your mind about how you’ll vote in November. Here’s a little sample of what Democrats have rolled out in their 2022 party platform, versus what the Republicans have offered.

1. Legalize Cannabis

While Texas Republicans still bristle at the idea of recreational weed, the state’s Dems are calling for the legalization of cannabis.

2. Expand the Supreme Court

Republicans want to rein in the power of the U.S. Supreme Court, but the Texas Democratic Party is eyeing the opposite.

The state Dems' platform has proposed the “recalibration” of the nation's highest court to “equalize the number of justices and federal circuits.” They also want to see more politicians in office who aren't afraid to endorse such an expansion.

3. Protect Abortion Rights

The state's GOP won the battle to outlaw abortion, but Democrats say they’re still fighting to safeguard reproductive health care for all Texans.

The liberals’ platform is calling for the restoration and preservation of reproductive services, including things like abortion and contraception.

4. Support Elimination of Electoral College

Texas Republicans love the Electoral College so much that they proposed adding one that would specifically oversee statewide elections. Lone Star Democrats, meanwhile, want to ditch the national Electoral College altogether.

5. Create Election Holiday

While Texas conservatives are calling for an end to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the state’s Democrats want to see Election Day in November recognized as both a federal and state holiday.
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