The Alamo Plaza Sign is Returning to Fort Worth Avenue -- in Three Pieces

When preservationists began lobbying Sylvan 30 developer Brent Jackson to return the Alamo Plaza sign to its home along Fort Worth Avenue, this isn't what they had in mind.

From the Sylvan 30 website:

We've heard you and we agree: The Alamo Plaza sign will stay at Sylvan | Thirty. Here's how it's going to be done:

The sign's three main elements - the starburst; the red & white Alamo silhouette & yellow arrow; and the maroon & white "Alamo Plaza" - will be refurbished and repurposed as three beautiful and powerful sculptures across the site.

Specifically, the starburst will be the centerpiece of the gateway plaza at I-30 & Sylvan Avenue; the Alamo silhouette and arrow will be placed together in the park area at the center of our development; and the large Alamo Plaza portion will be used as a backdrop for the the pocket park.

Additionally, we will create signage that talks about the motor-court hotels that once lined the Fort Worth Avenue corridor, including the Alamo Plaza.

Michael Amonett, former president of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League and an advocate of keeping the sign in one piece, told the Morning News in an email that he was disappointed.

"Yes, people said they wanted the sign on site at Sylvan Thirty but no one wanted it destroyed to make that happen," he wrote. "I personally would prefer Jackson give the sign to someone who will appreciate it. I'd even prefer it end up in the Boneyard. A very sad day."

That's one way of looking at it. The other is expressed in the comments on Sylvan 30's website: "I think this is a reasonable answer. What began as simple advertising will be honored as art."

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