Jonathan Lee Riches©

The Best Lawsuit Involving the Dallas Mavericks That'll Never Go to Trial

As a few of our Friends pointed out back in January, when we first mentioned his name in connection with a nutty local sports lawsuit, Jonathan Lee Riches© loves, loves, loves to sue the rich and famous -- and all from his cell at the Federal Correctional Institution Williamsburg in Salters, South Carolina. Today, whilst browsing federal court documents in an entirely unrelated case, I came across Riches' latest lawsuit involving Dallas sports figures -- this time, he goes after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and reigning NBA MVP Dirk Nowitzki.

You can read the single-page handwritten complaint right here. But a highlight: "Mark Cuban is getting Nowitzki and German soldiers for the Mark Cuban Missle [sic] Crisis on Federal Inmates, me in general." Which ain't even the good part. Riches was seeking $30 million in damages, but, alas, the case was dismissed in February. --Robert Wilonsky


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