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The City Would Still Like to Build an Asian American Cultural Center. It's Not Sure Where, When or How. But, Still.

You probably had no idea that since May 30, the city's Office of Cultural Affairs has been holding town hall meetings to discuss the Asian American Cultural Center. Then again, you probably didn't know the city was hoping to build an Asian American Cultural Center. You're forgiven: It was but a relatively small slice of the 2006 bond program, which set aside $350,000 for an Asian Cultural Center Master Plan Study and a comprehensive feasibility study, which is currently being conducted by HOK, the renowned architectural firm.

The OCA's got a newly refurbished Web site full of preliminary docs and past town hall presentations (which have thus far been sparsely attended), not to mention a list of the three final town halls scheduled for September. But keep this in mind: The city has no idea where it will build the Asian American Cultural Center, nor does it have any money to pay for it.

"The town halls are to determine the parameters for site selection," Cultural Programs Coordinator Greg MacPherson tells Unfair Park. "We're trying to determine what the programming needs are and how that translates to square footage and acreage required to build that type of facility." He adds that there's no build-by deadline -- because how this'll get funded is determined by future bond schedules. But if you want a say in how such a facility would look, well, now's your chance: "This is all about what the Asian community in Dallas would require in a facility of this nature," says MacPherson.

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