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The Cowboys May Opt Out of their Contract with The Ticket

Come next season this ol' thing may be out of the moth balls.

Let’s play radio gossip catch-up today, shall we?

I’m not raising the “Breaking News!” banner. Not directly quoting high-placed sources. But after sensing displeasure and hearing rumblings from various people in the past couple weeks, let’s call it an educated premonition:

The Dallas Cowboys are strongly considering opting out of their flagship-station contract with 1310 AM The Ticket after this season.

Turns out the five-year contract signed in March of 2006 includes a Cowboys’ opt-out clause after three years. I hear the Cowboys, who would essentially become free agents, aren’t particularly unhappy with The Ticket’s coverage, but more so the station’s weak signals.

Enter CBS Radio, which I hear is amassing its troops at the border, just in case. CBS could come calling on Jerry Jones with the lure of a broad-shouldered, six-station army anchored by 50,000-watt AM monster KRLD 1080 AM and bolstered by FM outposts from Live 105.3 to KVIL 103.7 to KLUV 98.7 FM, and even Jack FM 100.3 and Movin’ 107.5.

To its credit, The Ticket hasn’t tempered its Cowboys criticism as the flagship station over the years. The yuck monkeys still produce fake characters and the hosts – evidenced in this week’s criticism of head coach Wade Phillips – still call the team on its bullshit.

Thought we’d see facial hair on a President before we’d hear the Cowboys back on AM, but as early as 2009 -- new stadium, new station? -- they might just head back to the place they called home in the ‘70s and ‘80s. – Richie Whitt

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