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The Lame Dallas Versions of America's Most Iconic Streets

America has many iconic streets. Some are famous as centers of commerce or government, others for their world-class shopping or music.

Dallas has many of those same streets, except without any of the qualities that make them iconic. In fact, many of Dallas' famously named streets aren't really fit for human habitation.

Below, we give you a tour of America's most famous streets — and their Dallas counterparts. The suburbs we include in the honorable mention.

1. Wall Street
Wall Street in New York City is a symbol of American capitalism.
Wall Street in Dallas is much more literal.

2. Bourbon Street Bourbon Street in New Orleans is a place where booze and iniquity — i.e. fun — flow freely.
Bourbon Street in Dallas is not.

3. Pennsylvania Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington is the pulsing artery of American government and home to the White House. Pennsylvania Avenue in Dallas is the pulsing artery of South Dallas and home to houses of varying colors.

4. Park Avenue
Park Avenue in New York City boasts many large and important buildings. Park Avenue in Dallas also has buildings. Somewhere.

5. K Street K Street in Washington, D.C., is a byword for the country's obscenely powerful lobbying industry. K Street in Dallas would be a byword for homeless campground if not for the fence.

6. Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue in Chicago is known as the Magnificent Mile. Michigan Avenue in Dallas is a somewhat less magnificent two-and-a-half miles.

7. Madison Avenue Madison Avenue in New York is the center of the global advertising industry.

Madison Avenue in Dallas is the center of the Madison Avenue/Jefferson Boulevard hair-styling industry.

8. Easy Street Easy Street, USA is pleasant.
Easy Street, Dallas is not.

9. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive in Miami has a view of the Ocean.
Ocean Drive in Richardson does not.

10. Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angles is very, uh, Hollywood.
Hollywood Boulevard in Euless is very Euless.

11. Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles leads to high-end shopping.

Rodeo Drive in Mesquite leads to the ... rodeo (pronounced properly, ro-dee-o.

12. Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles Mulholland Drive in Los Angles offers breathtaking views of the nation's second largest city.
Mulholland Drive in Irving is seven McMansions.

13. Lombard Street Lombard Street in San Francisco perfectly captures the city's quirky charm.

Lombard Street in Garland does the same.

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